About CFIT 45


CFIT 45 is a fun and challenging group fitness class that anyone at any fitness level can participate. The class is structured to keep you engaged for 45 minutes. The session will begin with a dynamic warmup leading into a 15-20 minute workout. The workouts will use circuit and interval training to deliver a “fat burning” stimulus. CFIT45 will implement a wide variety of movements to keep workouts interesting.

Once the workout is complete the class will flow into a yoga influenced finale. The finale allows participants to challenge themselves at a slower tempo than the workout. Continually slowing the pace of the class into mobility work. The class can take advantage of warm pliable muscles to really stretch.

The design of our CFIT45 Class is to create a fun challenging workout for the busy individual. The workout will elevate your metabolic rate helping you burn calories all day long while also toning muscle.

The class delivers all these health benefits while opening a large welcoming community of workout partners and friends.

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